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Hello World

This pile of shite should hopefully become my personal website for hosting such stuff as gig flyers, chunes, photos and information that I deem fit for public consumption.

Follow the links on the menu and add your band's gigs ( once I get the database working ) or some sarcastic flame comments :P Will try and link to most stuff that's uploaded here once I get round to it.




Privacy News:

Help Fix Google Privacy Campaign: Submit Your Comments

The FTC is seeking public comment on its proposed Agreement with Google regarding Google Buzz, and EPIC wants your voice to be heard! Use the form below to help build your comments. EPIC will send your comments and information to the FTC and use them to help us write our own comprehensive recommendations to the FTC.

Justice Department to Monitor Polls in 18 States on Election Day

On Election Day, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division will deploy more than 400 federal observers to monitor polls in 18 states. Staff at the Civil Rights Division will be available to take complaints regarding problems with voters accessing the polls throughout Election Day at 1-800-253-3931 (TTY line 1-877-277-8971). Complaints may also be filed on line at the Department's website. For more information regarding the Civil Rights Division's role in protecting voting rights, see

EPIC releases 2010 E-Deceptive Campaign Practices Report

The Electronic Privacy Information Center released the 2010 update to its "E-Deceptive Campaign Practices: Technology and Democracy 2.0" report, first published in 2008. The report reviews the potential for abuse of Internet-based technology in the election context, and makes recommendations on steps that should be taken by Election Administrators, voters, and those involved in Election Protection efforts. E-Deceptive campaigns are internet-based attempts to misdirect targeted voters regarding the voting process, and include false statements about poll place hours, election dates, voter identification rules, or voter eligibility requirements. For more information, see EPIC: Voting.